Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Zombicide! Set #1 Survivors & Zomb'ivors


UPS-man just dropped off a package which contained the Set #1 miniatures for the basegame of Zombicide. I took a few quick photos:

New heroes:

Zombie-counterparts for all the heroes:

New character-cards ofcourse:

Box also includes more of those small plastic pegs which you attach to the character-cards. All in all a nice package. Only thing that bugs me is that I just got all of my heroes painted, so now I have some more work ahead of me. :P

Haven't done a lot of painting recently as other IRL -activities have kept me quite busy. I have been working on the heroes from Super Dungeon Explore, and I only have two more of those unfinished. I will post some pictures once I get them all painted up.

As other news cmon announced a while back that the release of Relic Knights is delayed quite a lot and is now scheduled for the end of the year. This annoys me, but on the other hand I now have more time to finish some older stuff before those come out.

Thx for looking!

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