Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Khador Gun Carriage

Wohoo it's finally finished!

Without further explanations, here it is:

It was fun to paint something bigger for a change. (Although the horses almost drove me nuts). It's pretty nice looking model and feels heavy once you pick it up.

I decided to paint it looking like it just came out of the factory, so I didn't put any battle damage on it. Only thing that I did was give it some dusting with black pigments, to simulate the guns residue getting everywhere.

Putting it all together once it was painted was a chore in itself. The carriage and horses are pinned with 8 pins to the base. One pin for every wheel and hoove that touches the ground. (and the horses are pinned to the carriage as well).

Spent so much time with this one that I think it's going to be included in most of my lists for a while. :p

Anyhow, fun model to paint and it definitely gives you some of that "centerpiece -model" feel.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Picked up some Cygnar

Picked up some new stuff a while back after a long hiatus:

But the "big" thing is, that I yet again branched out to a new faction:

I just had to get the battlegroup as it was on sale. I am very tempted to get the Stormwall also as It's a great looking model.

I allready assembled the minis (minus the Ironclad), but I haven't started painting them yet. Have to decide what kind of bases I want to do to them first. :)

Stryker is a very nice sculpt, I am pretty impressed on Privateer Presses plastic minis.

Right now my mind is set to finish my gun carriage before I start anything new. It's pretty far along, I just need to do some basing and highlights etc.

A lot going on regarding the boardgames also, as I recently acguired some new stuff. More on those later in more detail.

Anyhow, still alive and kicking. Just been very busy lately. (Man I am so waiting for my vacation, still have to wait for two weeks though).