Friday, July 20, 2012

Mage Knight: Board game Overview

I got Mage Knight the boardgame a while back. It's a game I think I don't have changes to play very often, but something just intriqued me enough to warrant a purchase for myself.
First edition of the game was also sold out very quickly, and from what I have read the second edition is also pretty much sold out now. (there are some shops that still have it in stock I am sure).
I have heard a rumor that a third printing of the game is due later this summer (july/august, but again, this is just a rumor, But it is definitely coming as it seems to be selling fast).

My copy of the game is of the second edition, although the editions seem to be pretty much identical.

Anyway, this is just an overview of the game and it's components:

Mage Knight -  Boardgame:

Game is being praised quite a lot lately on boardgamegeek. For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's a game where you take control of a powerful Mage Knight and explore the world. It has the basic RPG/adventure elements where you fight monsters and try to develop your character with better loot, spells etc before taking on the final challenges. It also includes some very interesting mechanics and has very little luck involved, so you have to rely on your decisions.

Game can be played cooperatively or competitive, and it can also be played as a solo game. (solo rules are included in the game).

Anyway, let's take a look at the components.

The box insert:

Fits pretty nicely. My only complaint about the insert is, that he cards are printed on a pretty thin stock so they need sleeves. And from the look of it sleeved cards are not going to fit on their place in the insert.

Mage Knights:

Miniatures are pre-painted, and the quality is what you see here. For a boardgame I think they are pretty nice out of the box. (I am tempted though to give them a wash or two and maybe some highlights.)

Game also comes with four miniature towers on Clix -bases. These towers represent cities that you can conquer in the game once you get powerful enough to take them on.


Again, a drop of wash would show the details a bit better. These towers are on Clix-bases, the number showing the difficulty -level of the current city.

The cards, as I allready said are printed on a pretty thin cardstock so you might want to sleeve them. Artwork on the cards in my opinion is very nicely done.

Game is being played on hexacon tiles, which you place once you explore the land further. These tiles also have nice artwork, and they are of good quality and thick cardstock.


Game also comes with a lot of other stuff that I am not going to go on detail here, such as a bunch of tokens, custom dices, plastic crystals, etc. Everything in the box is of nice quality in my opinion, although nothing extraordinary.

All in all I am happy about my purchase components-wise, and I have a feeling I end up liking the game as these kinds of games usually interest me.
That being said I haven't actually played the game yet, so I can't give a deeper analysis just yet. If this is something you fancy, check out more about the game on