Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kingdom Death - Monster: Manhunter

Very fun model to paint! I like the abs, veins and all those little details that were fun to paint. I decided to give it some elevation as I think it fits the pose very well.

On the board:

Didn't take a lot of wip-pictures with this one, but here he is unpainted and based:

Not much to add, great model.

Thx for looking!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Rising from the ashes with Kingdom Death - Monster (Core game)

Been painting my copy of Kingdom Death lately so decided to take some pictures and post them. So let's get to the chase in the order that I painted them in:

Starting survivors:

These were fun models to paint and I tried different ways in painting each of their skins. I'm not too fond of the face-bases myself to be honest as I think they are a bit boring if used universally. And let's face it, there's other stuff on the ground as well in the world of kingdom death: grass, gravel, trees, stumps and all kinds of foliage.
I decided to use face-bases on the initial survivors, but for others I went with a pretty basic gravel/stone -harsh bases with some random faces thrown in the mix. (I made copies of the face-bases with greenstuff and cut individual faces off for the bases).

For a while I also thought about just leaving the monster bases black, but when I got to the phoenix I realized I need to do something. They just didn't feel "finished" to me and the tree stump that phoenix has felt so out of place on a plain black base.

White lion:

Pretty basic miniature to be honest. Rather easy paintjob done mostly with the airbrush. I wish the lion had an "angrier" face, to me it's just rather boring. Made some intestines etc on it's mouth to gruesome it up a bit. (This involved dipping a hair in gloss-varnish with paints mixed in). :p

Screaming Antelope:

As much as I am a fan of KD:s miniatures, I really don't like this model all that much. It's my least favourite from the core games miniatures. It's "just an antelope" with some gore thrown in the underside. Rather quick and easy paintjob as well, I just wanted it out of the way.


Nice sculpt and a rather fun model to paint. Went with a green armour that I did mostly with an airbrush, which I then highlighted and glazed a bit. Used a lot of airbrushing on the lanters on it as well, even though I didn't take pictures from it's back where most of them are.


Phew, this was a handful to get painted. (let alone assemble, the individual hands on the wings were a nightmare). I assembled the model all the way before painting it so it was a hard model to move. Ended up using a lot of turn-table with this one while painting.
Wings are mostly done with an airbrush by using multiple passes of different colors. Also used washes and some very light drybrushing in the end.
I really like what the elevation with the base did to the model. It looks a lot more menacing and I think the posture fits a lot better as now the angle is better when it has a model in front of it. (It has a bit of a hunchback).

But all in all it's an awesome model, the detailing is just superb.
I got an extra phoenix by backing the first KD, but I don't see myself building and painting it anytime soon, it was such a big project to finish. :p

Models on the board:

Some pictures that I quickly took with some of the models on the board, so you can see how they blend in and look in an authentic environment. :p

Closing arguments:

 I have more on the way as well. I finished the Manhunter but I decided to keep this post just about the contents of the core game, to not confuse anyone new. Will post the expansions as separate updates as I finish them.

I also fully magnetized the rawhide armor set -survivors but I haven't painted them yet. Took some wip pictures as well.

Stuff to look at to in the future as well (that I have, but haven't painted yet):

- Dragon king (wip)
- Flower knight
- Lion knight
- Dung beetle knight
- Lonely tree (wip)
- Random promotional miniatures
- "KD 1.5 stuff: Gamblers chest -once it ships".

Will probably be focusing on some of the survivors next to get enough done to play the game fully painted.

Thanks for looking!

ps: Sneak peek at the setup (not very hightech as I had plenty of sunlight so no need for the spotlights):