Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Phewh.. finally some progress on the Dreadfleet.

Got this game at launch. I have yet to play a single game, but I just had to have it because of the miniatures. I'm not going to play this with unpainted miniatures, so might take a while to eventually get that first game up. :)

Anyway first ship ready, the Heldenhammer:

I also allready started painting the Bloody Reaver. My objective is to paint the ships in the same order they appear in the campaign.
I try not to get too carried away with the details but still get some nice results.

What do you think of the game/miniatures in general? From what I've read it's a fun game if you don't take it too seriously. And the miniatures are awesome. :)


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pimp up your boardgames!

I'm a sucker for quality components on boardgames, and games that have nice miniatures or other cool components often catch my eye.

I also have a habit of pimping up my boardgames. I usually try to spend fairly little time in painting boardgame-components, and just give them a basic tabletop quality. Still often due to the sheer amount of pieces I always fail miserably in getting everything done.

Anyway, here is a few examples of my tuned components:

Ghost Stories:

Just a quick paintjob on the monks made them come alive nicely. Just used basic basecolors and then dipped them. (Even though I'm not a fan of dipping, I find that it works pretty well on boardgames as you can get a lot done fairly fast, and dipping gives a very hard and durable coating on the figures).


Just a quick paintjob on the Kraken. As usual I have yet to paint rest of the miniatures. :)

Battlestar Galactica:

Ok, this was more like a prototype so to speak. I ended up not doing this to every ship in the game mostly just because the cost of the bases was pretty high. Eventually I just primed the ships in black and drybrushed some metal on them.

World of Warcraft - the boardgame:

Wow - the boardgame holds a special place in my heart. My girlfriend bought it for me as a present when she saw me eyeing it in a store. It was one of the first boardgames in my collection.
The box is huge and full of stuff. So huge infact that it doesn't fit on my shelf where I hold rest of my boardgames. As a game it's pretty fun also if you have the right group. Just make sure you have a lot of time when you brake this bad boy open. :p

Last Night on Earth:

All the zombies are painted!

Painted heroes, although I have two more heroes two finish. After that I have the whole basegame painted up. :)
btw: Very nice and fast/light game if you like the zombie-theme. I have played this with gamers and non-gamers and it has been a hit with both!

Mansions of Madness:

One of my newest boardgame-projects. Finished all the heroes pretty fast. Again, basecoated and dipped but this time took a bit more time with them.

Hope you enjoyed!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Overview: Nexus Ops

More boardgames!

Haven't had the time to play these in a while, but there are several games that have catched my eye. Actually there's two upcoming games that I might end up buying when they are published soon.

But for now, I picked up Nexus Ops a while back as I got it pretty cheap. From what I've read it's also a very fun and fast game. I haven't yet had a game though. :/

Anyway, here are some pics and overall impressions of the components:


As you can see this is the newer edition of Nexus Ops from Fantasy Flight games, and the game is for 2-4 players. Box is the regular FFG-sized one also found on most of their games. Game includes quite a lot of components, but the box itself is still pretty big for what is included.
(I would personally prefer to get boxes that would barely fit the components as this would save a lot of space. This just seems pointless to have an oversized box with a cardboard insert).


Made of good quality cardstock. Artwork is nice also, although I have read about quite a few people saying that it's too "cluttered". I don't know, I like these.


Miniatures are nicely sculpted. Biggest surprice with them was just how small they are. From the promo pictures you easily get a sense of bigger figures.
Soldiers are tiny little guys, but the bigger ones are few times their size.

Quite a few of the thinner parts of the miniatures are pretty bend up as one would except, but nothing major. These are made of the same "soft" plastic as most FFG:s miniatures lately so It's easy to just bend them back to normal position without breaking them.

Game also comes with two packs of cards and some tokens. One pack of cards is the regular sized cards, and the other one is the small cards that are used in many of FFG:s games. Ofcourse as this is FFG:s game these both are also made of quality cardstock.

Overall Im eager to finally get this one to the table. Should be quick, fun and a tactical game. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vallejo Pigments

Hi everyone.

Picked up a few Vallejoe pigments recently to try out:

Now, I have absolutely no experience with pigments so we will see how this experiment of mine ends. I am planning on making a small Cryx army and I want them to look very battered and rusty so these might do the job.
I'l post some pictures and my initial impressions when I get something done. :)

Happy painting everyone!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Working area

Hi everyone and happy easter! I decided to show you my working area where I do my modelling.

I have actually crammed a lot of stuff into the old painting table from GW. For it's size it holds a lot of stuff, so It's usually looking horribly messy.
I hold the table in my "computer-room" next to my pc as you can see. That's why I have crammed everything on to the table, so I can lift the whole thing and hide it into my closet when I don't need it.

Also includes a sneak peek of my work in progress BE:

I have some more paints, brushes, foliage etc in different containers. On the table I hold mostly only the stuff that I use regularly. As you can see I still have a lot of the old paints from GW, but I am slowly shifting into Vallejoes and PP:s stuff.

Believe it or not I also do my airbrushing here in the same place and it works like a charm. :)

My assistant that likes to watch me paint:

Cat's name is Nikolai, as it's of a breed called: Russian blue. (Just between you and me, It's not a very good assistant.. it pokes every small bit on the table, and it keeps trying to drink my brushwater from the cup).

So what do you think of the workplace? Do you have a dedicated working area, or do you resort to a similar setup of mine that you can hide away as necessary?

Thanks for looking and again: Happy easter everyone! :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to magnetize Baal Predator

Fairly long time ago I bought a small force of blood angels and I also picked up a Predator. I just couldn't make up my mind on which weapons to mount it with, so I magnetized the whole thing.

Long story short: a picture is worth a thousand words, so heres two:

Baal Predator Assembled:

And here's the same tank in parts:

As you can see I assembled the hull entirely and added rare earth magnets into each of the parts. For both sides of the tank I needed to put a small amount of greenstuff to raise the magnet, so it would attach securely to the side sponsons.
Other than that it was fairly straightforward, just drill some holes and slot the magnets in as usual. Just make sure you get the positive/negatives right.
Took me a while to do, but in the end I think it was worth it as this allowed me to change the armament on the fly.

Now I am aware that this is not the most informative "how to" tutorials, but I didn't take any step by step pictures as I made this.  Maybe it's still usefull for someone who wants to magnetize their tanks.
And ofcourse feel free to ask if you have some questions.

ps: I actually didn't ever paint this thing. As I got into Warmachine/Hordes I ended up trading it away to someone who has more use for it than I do. :)


I was playing with my camera so I took a quick picture of my boardgame-collection so far.

A bit messy I know. I am actually planning on getting a door for atleast the other cabinet.

I have been into boardgames for a few years now. After I got into Warmachine/Hordes my focus has shifted more and more on those, so lately we have been playing less boardgames. :/
Hopefully though me and my friends have more time for boardgames as summer comes along. Nothing beats boardgames and beer with a good group of friends! (Except the obvious..)

You play boardgames? Or just want to taunt/trashtalk on my collection, feel free to. :)


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trollblood Fennblades

Ok, I finally got my sh*t together and finished the fennblades, so here's a quick picture.
Not my best by all means, but I just can't stand painting 10 miniatures in a row so I cut some corners.

But they are meant for gaming so for tabletop they are enough. I didn't finish the UA yet as I got sidetracked.

Here they are:

I like the sculpts, although they had quite a lot of flash on them so cleaning is a b*tch. I have fielded them also a few times and they get the job done.

Thx for looking and drop a comment.


Playstation Vita with excuses..

Ugh! I have been on a long hiatus lately. A lot happening in personal life and at work also, so I haven't had a lot of time for miniatures.

Also a bit of freetime has also sunk into the PS Vita that I got at launch..

Great machine, it truly feels like a ps3 in your pocket. I have a few small games, but the only boxed game that I got is Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Man I suck at these kind of games, but right now Im partially hooked on it. After a while it's pretty accessible for a newbie. (although I have yet to win any online-games in it).
Anyway, I really recommend picking this up if you have the Vita.

Other games that I have right now and some small opinions on them:

Super Stardust Delta - Really great small/cheap game which suits the console perfectly.

Motorstom RC - Again great game,  and even better suited for the Vita. You can also race against friends times/ghost cars. Game also includes the PS3 version and vice versa.

Escape Plan - I had high hopes for this one, but I feel it fell a little flat. It's still ok.

Rayman Origins - Superb platformer if you are into these sort of games.

Anyway, I have done some painting lately, and I plan on getting something finished also fairly soon.

ps: I haven't given up on the video about the impaler yet, I just haven't had the time to edit it.