Sunday, December 2, 2012

Some models done

Hello everyone! Long time since I last posted. Got some painting done after a while and decided to make a quick post.

I painted epic Irusk, it was a fun model to paint but it's just so damn small.

As a little side project I painted a Deneghra model as a test model. I have an army of Cryx in the closet waiting for an inspiration. I am probably going to paint them using metallic paints and using a lot of pigments etc. Deneghra was just a fast test piece for a way to paint the metallics. End results aren't actually anything to brag about but here it is anyhow:

I also recently put together Khadors Conquest which I am probably going to start painting pretty soon. Though first I would like to get some unfinished models done first.

Btw these pictures were taken with my new lightbox. They are ok but I really need to get a flash with some diffusers, as the amount of light just wasn't enough for models this small. But I will try and upgrade the quality of the pictures with different backdrops etc.