Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Space Hulk 3rd edition


Recently I went through some old pictures of mine and I stumbled on to some pics that I took from the Games Workshops glorious reincarnation: Space Hulk the 3rd edition. I have some models painted, although theres still a lot more work to be done.
In case you don't know this was a limited edition boardgame that Games Workshop published quite some time ago. Production value and the figures are amazinginly detailed, and it's a very fun game too.
I whole heartedly recommend you grab a copy if you have a chance.

Anyway, few pictures just for fun:

Sergeant Lorenzo and his blood angels terminators:


Check your six!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Some bases from Sciborminiatures

I ordered a few bases from Sciborminiatures, I thought I'd post some quick pics. The bases look great, they have very small and crisp detail on them. The ring of the base also matches identically to Warmachine and Hordes -bases. For now I only got a few of these but I'm sure I'l get some more at some point.

Anyway, here are the 40mm bases, the box included both of these:

And here is the 50mm base. Sculpt is great, but in all fairness it is a bit impractical since the top of the base is not in the center, and it is fairly high. But I'm sure I'l find some use for it at some point when I stumble on to appropriate mini for it.

Anyway just a quick update. Check out their stuff at http://www.sciborminiatures.com/ if these got your attention.
Im surely going to be using these on some upcoming projects.

Im out,


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Warmachine: Khador

Hi all. Since this is a new site for me and all, I decided to publish some older pictures here. It get's you up to speed on my paintings. Since Khador was my first step into the Iron Kingdoms and Warmachine in general, I decided to start there.

These are my painted Khador miniatures for now in no apparent order:


Butcher of Khardov

Orsus and his Destroyer






Great Bears of Gallowswood
Kayazy assassins


Widowmaker Marksman

Kayazy assassin Underboss

Thats all for now. I will also do similar post for my painted Trollbloods, but there are a few models that I want to take better pictures first.

Now the blog seems to turn up very pic heavy, but is that ok for you guys? I'd appreciate some feedback on is the blog too heavy for you. Other option is to post the pictures here smaller, so you can click them to get a better view, but which do you think is better?

Anyway, thx for looking.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's alive...alive!

Huzzah! I Finally managed to start up the blog. My plan is to keep this as a look into my hobby-corner. Im an enthusiastic miniature-painter and I also have some focus for boardgames. As a youngster I played and painted poorly some miniature-games, but eventually the inspiration came to an end. Only few years ago I decided to pick up the brush again and start painting miniatures. Been enjoying it a lot since then, and my plan is just to keep painting/playing and improve on my skills.

At the moment I focus just on Privateer Press's Warmachine and Hordes. I collect and own armies for Khador, Cryx and Trollbloods, allthough Im sure the amount of armies I own will surely expand as time goes by. I enjoy the game a lot, allthough to be honest I spend a LOT more time painting my miniatures than actually playing with them. I have a full time job so my time is limited, but I try to get things done even if it's just baby-steps. (I can't remember the amount of times I promised myself: "I will buy new miniatures only when I get these done", but I always fail miserably and I have a ton of stuff unpainted).

Actually the biggest intrest I had in making this blog, was to make some painting-videos.  I enjoy watching Les's Awesomepaintjob-videos and I decided to give it a shot myself. Now I'm not a professional painter by any means, but I have some tools and tricks up my sleeves, and I just enjoy painting miniatures.
Now I allready filmed the painting process when I painted my Impaler, and I'm now in the process of editing the video. I'm a total newb when it comes to editing, so it might take some time to get the videos up and running. My plan is to split the video in two parts, but we will see.

As a "sneak peek" of what to expect from the video here's a picture of the painted Impaler with it's big brother:

I post and update stuff irregularly for now. But as I said earlier I try to get things done, and when I do I will post them here first. My intention is to post a lot of pictures and videos on this blog, as that's the thing I enjoy most about in blogs. So I hope you stop by again and stick around for some tabletop-goodness from my part of the world!