Friday, September 7, 2012

Zombicide: Board game overview

Delivery guy woke me up this morning and carried a big box for me.
Inside the box was my copy of Zombicide. I backed this game up in the kickstarter for the abomination level. This is a game that didn't come cheap. First the abomination level + shipment to Finland took 125usd, and after that my copy ended up on the customs table and they made me pay ~24 euros taxes as extra.
Well, here's hoping the game shines and atleast it has a lot of stuff in it:

Zombicide basegame:


Zombies sculpts:

Abomination extras: 

More Zombies! (Basegame comes with two sheets of zombies)

Extra "Mr Spiky" (basegame comes with one abomination)

Extra Heroes:

More dice. The white ones glow in the dark (uuuuuu spooky)

Size comparison:

I took some pictures with the miniatures next to a "standard sized" space marine. Now bare in mind though that the marine is in terminator-armor, which makes it a bit more bulky. The abomination is about the same size as this guy:

(This guy would probably make the game a bit one-sided though)


All in all, game certainly has a bunch of nice stuff in there. Plastic they used for the miniatures is hard and the sculpts are done nicely. Miniatures are a bit smaller though than I inially thought.

Gameboards are printed on a very thick and durable cardstock, and they have some cool artwork on them. Same high quality applies to the small cards and the dices as well. Components-wise, I have zero complaints.

As far as the actual gameplay goes, I just got this so I haven't had a chance to play yet. I have read some promising reviews though. Should be fun, and probably fits those gamenights with a few beers thrown in the mix. :)

Atleast the cat got some enjoyment out of it allready: