Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kingdom Death wip

Hi all.

I took some work in progress pictures when I was painting my Great Game Hunter, so I thought I might as well drop them in here.
They were taken at the very late stages of painting though so there's not much of seeing as progress goes. I also took the pictures with my phone so the quality isn't anything special.


 Here's a picture of taking a picture, because that's just how I roll!

I got some different backdrops, have to test them out at some point. For the photos I only had the two halogen-lights, otherwise the room was fully dark
If you are wondering why the camera is so far from the miniature, reason is that I was using a 105mm macro lens -which gets you pretty close even from a distance. (as you can see from the lcd-screen).

I have some old and new stuff that I am working on right now, I will post some updates once I get something to show. :)



Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kingdom Death


What a succesfull Kickstarter the Kingdom Death Monster had. As a fan of the miniatures I just had to pledge for the game. I ended up pledging all the way to Herald of Death -level and a bit over, but I am confident that it is worth it.

Ever since the kickstarter popped up I was itching to paint some of their miniatures, so I ordered a few.

The first one I got was the Great game hunter -female pinup. I already painted it, so let me show you the pictures first:

As you can see I changed the backdrop to black with this one and I think it worked very well with the mini. I think it's not so overpowering as just pure white so you can focus on the actual mini a bit better. I was going to experiment with textured backdrops also, but with this piece I didn't feel the need to as I liked it this way.

The miniature was a lot of fun to paint, and in a way I went over my "comfort-zone" a few times with this one. That's always a good thing as it teaches you new things.
For example painting human skin is not my strongest area, so I experimented with many different shades with this one. There are places that I could have done a lot better but overall I am fairly satisfied with the result.

Miniature itself is packed with a lot of extremely small detail and the whole sculpt is surprisingly tiny. Also the resin that it is cast in is very easily broken. I broke her right ankle when I was putting her together. Luckily I was able to pin it back up without any visible damage to the model.
In the end I probably wouldn't recommend the resin miniatures from Kingdom Death to a total beginner of this hobby, as you need to be pretty careful with them and they may be a bit fiddly to put together and clean.
This miniature however was pretty straightforward as the Game Hunter herself is in one piece. The squire carrying her crossbow comes in two parts, as the crossbow is connected with very small contact points. I ended up pinning the crossbow to his/her head.
Miniature had some flash and a couple of bubbles but nothing major, and they were pretty easy to clean up.

Here's a picture of the miniature unsassembled (taken with my phone):

Base for the miniature is a resin base from the Dark Age Groundwerks -lineup. I had it lying around and felt that it fitted the overall feel of the mini quite nicely. Temple ruins are just the places for Great Game Hunters to move out from. :)

The other Kingdom Death mini I have for know is a bigger project as it has multiple parts. I'll leave that revelation to another post soon to come. :)

Drop a comment and be sure to check out the Kingdom Death for their awesome lineup of miniatures and background for the upcoming game.

ps: I am sadly disappointed as I wanted their miniature "Flower Knight", but was too late and they are allready sold out again. Second time that this has happened to me, and I am bummed out as that is in my opinion one of the coolest looking miniatures ever made. ;/
Oh well, perhaps someday.

Hope you liked it and have fun painting!